Elemental Fluid Technologies

Effective, Sustainable, Safe non chemical water treatment solutions; with renowned global expertise in the field of Copper Silver ionisation, we are pioneers in its applications. EFT is THE ONLY copper silver ionization company compliant with US EPA and EU biocide registrations. Our solutions have applications for antimicrobial control in Healthcare facilities; fouling control in Cooling Towers and Boilers, RO and desalination; Horticultural protection of crops; sole disinfection of Bathing water, Swimming pools, Spas and Hot Tubs; fouling control in the Oil and Gas sector and more. Proven solutions, a proven team and proven results.
Deploying almost a century of experience in water treatment and management and the collective knowledge accumulated by EFT’s founding and management team during this practice, EFT offers custom engineered, cost effective solutions to treat all types of water without reliance on traditional chemical methods. Proprietary know how, precision engineered to deliver proper and consistent dosing of biocidally active copper and silver ions for antimicrobial control. Water chemistry without chemicals: Water Treatment, Elementally! Can you afford not to learn more?


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Effective. Environmentally Sustainable. Safe.

Custom engineered stand alone or integrated systems embodying modular plug’n’play design with a focus on automation to ensure precision in dosing, application efficacy, and ease in installation and maintenance.

Pure & Ultra Pure Water Commercial & Industrial Agriculture, Horticulture, Florists
Office Buildings Boilers Food & Beverage
Hospitals, Assisted Care & Dental Care Facilities Cooling Towers Data Centers
Hotels, Resorts, Water Parks Heat Exchangers Swimming Pools
Marine Mammal Habitats Oil & Gas Fountains, Hot Tubs, Spa’s


Proven Solutions, Team and Results.

Our solutions have applications in both recirculating water loops and once through water distribution networks including for example, antimicrobial control in Healthcare facilities; protection of crops; sole disinfection of Bathing water, Swimming pools, Spas and Hot Tubs; fouling control in the Oil and Gas and more.   


Antimicrobial Control

Copper Silver ionisation systems have been and remain actively deployed in hundreds of facilities in the EU, US and rest of the world, including specifically as an established and accepted practice for the prevention, mitigation and management of Legionella in the UK. It is a scientifically validated disinfection modality that has proven efficacy against microbial contamination including specifically, Legionella, Pseudomonas and other water borne pathogens in healthcare facility water systems.


Cooling & Processing Water

Copper Silver ionisation is a broad spectrum microbial control method, proven to be effective in over 10,000 installations. Used on board 80% of the world’s marine going vessels, it is clean, cost effective and not harmful to the wider environment. We have developed a unique synergy with Copper Silver and our scale prevention technology which has resulted in the only known method of complete cooling tower treatment. No chemical additives, no water problems, no issues just better treatment.


Other Applications

We have spent years researching in partnership with Institutions such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, the benefits of Copper Silver ionisation in applications such as horticulture. We possess the largest independent database of studies in the globe. We prevent plant diseases in a gentle and cost effective manner and produce similar results in animal husbandry. We are the only firm to have studied and proven the application of Copper Silver ionisation as the sole disinfection modality used in swimming pools.



We are expert in the field of Copper Silver ionisation and are one of the few firms who have successfully applied the technology in Legionella control, fouling control in Cooling Towers and Boilers, fouling control in RO and desalination, Horticultural protection of crops, sole disinfection of Bathing water, Swimming pools, Spas and Hot Tubs.